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I'm a mom to FOUR amazing kids, one of which was adopted from South Korea. Our family is wild and crazy, and REALLY LOUD but lots of fun. Oh, and my new favorite quote is: "HAVING KIDS IS LIKE BEING PECKED TO DEATH BY A DUCK." So so so true.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh CRAP... litterally... graphic pics, so beware.

I was bad when I was a kid. I mean REALLY bad. My mom always said that she hoped that one day I would have a child as rotten as I was. Well mom.... apparently your wish has been granted.

Tonight, after I bathed the kids, I put Micah in his room while I was putting Arie to bed. Micah didn't have a diaper on because he has a little sore on his bum (and I wanted it to breathe). After about 8 minutes I went back into Micah's room and about fell over. I honestly didn't know wether to laugh or cry, but ultimately ended up laughing. Naturally Ben is in California, so, since he couldn't witness the fun for himself I took pictures. BEWARE: the pics are grapic... just be glad you didn't have to scrub it up!

Friday, May 18, 2007


While in Korea, Arie's foster mom gave him this beautiful hanbok. We had already bought him one also... so now we have two. Anyway, today I decided to take pics of the one she bought to send her. It's turned out to be a cry-fest. After 40 shots, I got ONE good one! He HATED the hat and ripped it off of his head the moment it touched him. After he screamed for most of the pictures, he discovered a piece of grass to chew on. But at that point his eyes were so red and puffy I just gave up. **SIGH** Anyway, here are some of the "best"..... (sorry the last one is sideways)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 11 = "Adoption Day" in Korea

In Korea that have start an awarness day called Adoption Day. It is on May 11, and the purpose is to promote domestic adoption. I think this is the 2nd year of Adoption Day.

Below is an article that was in the Korea Times. It's an interesting read, and along with taking about domestic/overseas adoption, it alsw explains why Korean families adopt girls more than boys.

05-10-2007 18:38

60% of Adoptees Accepted Overseas

By Kim Rahn
Staff Reporter

About six out of 10 adoptees are adopted overseas, despite Korean people's improved awareness on domestic adoption.

The total number of adopted children is decreasing, according to a report by the Ministry of Health and Welfare Thursday, one day ahead of Adoption Day.

As of 2006, 227,983 Korean babies were adopted. Among them, 159,044, or 69.8 percent, had new families in foreign countries, while Korean families here have adopted 68,939 children.

The number of babies adopted has been decreasing _ 4,135 in 1999, 4,046 in 2000, 4,206 in 2001, 4,059 in 2002, 3,851 in 2003, 3,912 in 2004, 3,562 in 2005 and 3,231 last year.

Korea has been called the ``country exporting babies'' due to the large number of children sent overseas for adoption. Overseas adoption, although the annual number fell below 2,000 in 2006 with 1,899 babies, still takes up the greater portion _ 58.8 percent.

Domestic adoptions are also decreasing, with 1,770 children in 2001, 1,564 in 2003 and 1,332 in 2006.

``Many Koreans still do not accept adoption as they place importance on bloodlines, which is very important in Confucian culture,'' a staff member of the Mission to Promote Adoption in Korea said.

The gender of domestic adoptees reflects such recognition. In 2006, 63.6 percent of babies adopted in Korea were girls, as boys, who would be listed on the family register, could face conflict with other siblings and relatives in inheriting parents' assets or dealing with other family affairs.

Domestic adoption is lower in the case of physically or mentally challenged children.
Among 38,282 disabled babies adopted by 2006, 99.2 percent or 37,989 children were adopted overseas and only 0.8 percent of them were accepted by domestic families.

To boost domestic adoption, the government eased restrictions starting January _ single people, and married people who are 60 years old are now allowed to adopt; the previous age gap limit was 50.

The government also plans to support all nursery costs for adoptees starting next year. It will also provide from 100,000 to 300,000 won in preschool fees for adopted children per month.