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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Leave it to me.

So last night I got up to pee at 3am. While leaving the bathroom I walked right into the door frame, broke my toe, and fell to the floor crying.

Off the the ER I went...they know me now. Turns out I "spiral fractured" my 4th toe, and it's so bad that the doctor wants to put pins in it. He said we can wait a week and see how "buddy taping" it goes (where you tape it to a non-broken toe), but if it's not much better in a week, I have to have surgery.

I'm on crutches and I have to wear one of those blue-velcro-shoe-thingies on my foot. Here is my question to ponder:

Have you EVER known someone to break a TOE and need surgery for it???? Ever??? Leave it to me.

Aside from waking to pee a hundred times a night, and walking into walls, my pregnancy is going fine. I"m still getting sick on and off, but things are much better now. I've lost 4 lbs, but that's typical for me. I only gained 18 lbs with Micah and he weighed 8 lbs+. I'm 11 weeks now... this pregnancy is FLYING by to me. Although I've been SUPER sick with nausea I really enjoy being pregnant. I'm sorta sad that this is the last one (though I'm VERY content with the idea of 4 kids!).

I have yet to make an appointment with the breast surgeon to discuss the "mass" seen on the MRI. I think I'll wait until after I'm 12 weeks. I don't really know why, it just feels right to me.

I worry about how Arie will feel once he's older and understands that he is our only adopted child. I have a hard time imagining myself in his shoes... it's just not possible. I don't know. I pray it's not as hard for him as I think it might be. Only time will tell.

I realize this post is all over the place, but I'm on percocet, it's 11pm at night, and I was awake all of last night trying to ignore the throbbing in my foot. I'm off to dreamland now!


Blogger Bek said...

I had to chuckle when I read this because I am notorius for walking into walls or chairs and breaking my toe. I just buddy tape them myself now and resign myself to crooked toes. Until the last time.

Yes, I had to have surgery and wear the boot, but I walked into my baby's high chair!!! That is worse than walking into a wall....

Glad you are feeling better...

8:16 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Oh my goodness... I am so sorry about the broken toe. You're right -- I don't know anyone else who's had to have surgery for that. My mom broke her toe years ago from stumping it on the leg of a bed.

Hopefully you won't have to have surgery. Good luck with the breast stuff and the sickies should subside soon!

Hmm... it's wonderful of you to think of how your other child may feel knowing he's the only one adopted. Maybe there's something you can think of now that will ease that inquire or whatever.

12:38 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hey Ry...
I did do major damage to my big toe after dropping a nightstand drawer on top of it. The moaning and crying (the kids were sleeping)brought Eric running out of the shower. Also, Eric's mom has broken 2 toes and has had surgery twice for one and it is not healing properly. Then she busted another one and is still in the buddy tape stage of that one and it is not healing quite right. I guess it is more common than you think. Keep us posted on your health and congrats on the pregnancy. Erika

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan, I worry about the same things for AJ (how he'll feel being the only adoptee), but we just have to the best we can and trust that the Lord knows what he's doing.

2:27 AM  

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