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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Top 101 Things You Didn't Know About Me

          1. I'm a Gemini.
          2. I lived in Stuttgart Germany for a year.
          3. Aside from the U.S. and Germany, I've been to Austria, Switzerland, France, Checkloslovakia, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourger, Holland, Canada, South Korea, Bahamas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
          4. I got my naval pierced in college.
          5. The next day I got my tongue pierced.
          6. I have a tattoo of a frog with my mom's initials under it. ( Don't know why I picked a frog... impulse I guess).
          7. My mom died when I was 13.
          8. I miss her and think about her every day of my life.
          9. I've wanted to work in the medical field since the age of 3.
          10. I like blood... I think its' so cool.
          11. I've had 6 Siamese Cats during my life: Sat-Su, Saki, Toi, Tiki, Thai-Suda, and now Misu.
          12. I went to Catholic elementary school and middle school.
          13. I have talked to Lionel Richie on the phone.
          14. Between me and my husband, we have owned 7 Hondas. They rock.
          15. I have had bad hips since high school sports.
          16. I was a cheerleader from 7th -12th grade.
          17. Our cheerleading squad qualified for nationals but couldn't raise enough money to go.
          18. I'm an "Army Brat" and an "Officers Wife".
          19. I'm PROUD to be an American!
          20. I'm not a morning person.
          21. I don't like normal coffee, but I'm addicted to lattes.
          22. I hated anything coffee related until I was 22 and on a trip to Seattle my friend MADE me try it... I owe her my life.
          23. I love to volunteer.
          24. I would SELL MY SOUL to meet Dave Matthew.
          25. Dave Matthews is my "freebie".... my husbands "freebie" is Jessica Alba. (Is that totally twisted of us or what?)
          26. I have a Bachelors in Nursing degree from George Mason University.
          27. I have delivered three babies on my own.
          28. I have helped deliver many many more.
          29. One of my patients named her baby after me. It was a boy baby though. She loved the name and hadn't thought of it until she met me.
          30. I was named after "Ryan O'Neal". My mom was crushing on him when I was born.
          31. I grew up believing I was named after an "English fairly tale princess".
          32. My dad told me the truth.
          33. I don't carry a purse... only a wallet, my keys, and my cell.
          34. I want to move to Australia. We might move to Alice Springs in two years.
          35. When my neighbors find a stray or hurt animal, they bring them to me.
          36. One day in the future, I would love to open a shelter for animals.
          37. I don't like yellow gold.
          38. I make GREAT Bul-go-gi (Korean beef).
          39. But I don't like to cook.
          40. I participated in the Marine Corps Marathon once.
          41. I worked in the medical tent there.
          42. I hate running.
          43. I love to drive with the windows down and music blaring on nice days.
          44. I drank beer with the band "Offspring" back stage at one of their concerts once.
          45. I thought I was so cool.
          46. I have one sister who is 8.5 years older than me.
          47. She is a breast cancer survivor and we talk on the phone about 5 times a day.
          48. My nicknames when I was little were "Ba", "Roonie", and "Schkroon".
          49. I was teased in school and called "Toothpick Legs".
          50. As a child I use to think I would go down the drain after a bath.
          51. I screamed like mad when my mom let the water out.
          52. I weighed 56 pounds in 4th grade.
          53. I have an English Bulldog and a Whippet/Terrier Mix.
          54. My bull dog is a disgusting obnoxious mess of a dog who destroys furniture, windowsills and toys.
          55. I love her anyway.
          56. I have a "lead foot" when I drive.
          57. The sun and my skin are enemies.
          58. I donated 10" of my hair last year to Locks of Love .
          59. I'm a perfectionist.
          60. I am horrible at math.
          61. My father is a mathematician.
          62. I LOVE Disney World and constantly think about my next "Disney" vacation.
          63. My husband proposed to me in Disney World.
          64. We also had a Disney World/ Disney Cruise honeymoon.
          65. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would LOVE to go to Africa.
          66. I'm 1/4 Dutch... the rest is mutt.
          67. I've killed one animal with my car... a possum... and I cried as if I'd been shot.
          68. My favorite show is Grey's Anatomy.
          69. I love photography.
          70. I don't really "collect" anything... it creates too much clutter.
          71. I'm a neat freak and I like my house sparkling clean.
          72. My closet, however, is a wreck.
          73. I was married at The Cloisters Castle. (Just found out that Will and Jada Smith were too!)
          74. There were flower petals falling from the sky during the ceremony.
          75. It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen.
          76. I married my best friend.
          77. I got pregnant 2 weeks later.
          78. I can't touch cotton balls. It's like nails on a chalk board to me.
          79. I don't eat seafood.
          80. I was hyperactive as a child and was on Ritalin.
          81. Swings make me nauseous.
          82. There isn't a roller coaster ride that I won't go on.
          83. I want to live to 100, but only if I can take care of my own hygiene.
          84. Haribo Gummy Bears are my favorite candy.
          85. I've always wanted a pet monkey.
          86. When I was little I was obsessed with Hailey Mills.
          87. I almost failed out of college my freshman year.
          88. By my Junior year I was making the Deans List.
          89. It drives me crazy when I run out of conditioner before shampoo.
          90. I NEVER run out of shampoo first.
          91. I crave attention.
          92. I enjoy reading about culture and traditions in other countries.
          93. I'm 1/3 owner of a 19 foot Pro Line fishing boat.
          94. My parents and my sister's family own the other 2/3.
          95. I'm a great skier, and LOVE LOVE LOVE to ski!
          96. When I'm getting shots or an IV, I have to watch the needle enter my skin.
          97. Christmas and Halloween are my two favorite Holidays.
          98. My favorite book is "The Red Tent".
          99. I have three incredible children.
          100. We're considering a fourth.
          101. I have been blessed beyond measure.


          Blogger suz said...

          hey, i knew i liked you. i am also a gemini and my favorite book is also the red tent.

          4:22 PM  
          Blogger Mia said...

          OMG my husband and I have freebies too! I thought we were the only freaks who even joked about that. YEAAAAA company!

          Oh, and how in the WORLD do you manage to run out of shampoo before conditioner? I have so many bottles of conditioner because I am constantly trying new shampoos and can't buy the shampoo without buying the conditioner to match.

          7:21 PM  
          Blogger Gwen said...

          Okay...of all the things I read on your list the thing I had to say that I for some reason I have to say before I go to bed (it's after 11 p.m. lol) is


          Oh and one more thing about you watching the needle enter your skin...EEEWWWW TOTALLY GROSS! LOL!!!!! I'm sooo the opposite and can't stand the sight of blood! I guess that is why you are the nurse and I am not!!! LOL!!!!

          Just messing with you! I enjoyed reading your list!

          12:03 AM  
          Blogger Amy said...

          Hey Ryan, I thought your wedding was the most beautiful I have ever seen too. I also want to open an animal shelter, hate seafood, and NEVER run out conditioner first (why is that??!?) And I am right there with you on watching the needle go into your skin. I have to watch it go in! Does that make us weird?

          10:50 AM  
          Blogger Third Mom said...

          My favorite show is Grey's Anatomy and I loved "The Red Tent," too. But no seafood?? No lobster? shrimp? filet of sole? scallops? Oh, my!

          And hey, if you like to volunteer, Korean Focus needs you!!!

          1:56 PM  

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