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I'm a mom to FOUR amazing kids, one of which was adopted from South Korea. Our family is wild and crazy, and REALLY LOUD but lots of fun. Oh, and my new favorite quote is: "HAVING KIDS IS LIKE BEING PECKED TO DEATH BY A DUCK." So so so true.

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I am currently a SAHM, but prior to leaving my job I was a labor and delivery nurse. I really miss work, but I enjoy being home with my kids (most of the time anyway!).

Friday, March 07, 2008


We found out today that we're going to have another boy!!! I can't believe I'm going to have THREE BOYS (and a girl) !!! AAHHHH!!! And it is MOST DEFINITELY a boy. In fact, Ben has been calling him "John Holmes". There was no mistaken those parts!

He's measuring well, and looks healthy. We took Elaine with us to the sonogram. Poor little monkey cried when she found out :( I can't blame her though... I would cry too if I had to deal with three little brothers.

Now we're on to the big task of picking out a name. We had our girls name all lined up ("Bryn"), but obviously we need to change it! We are open to suggestions if you have any.