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Thursday, May 08, 2008


So yesterday was Arie's 2 year check up. When he had his feeding tube placed in September of '07 ( just 7 months ago) he was WAY below the growth charts in height AND weight. He was in the 0% for both, and was malnourished (because of his refusal to eat).

As of yesterday, he is now in the 75% for HEIGHT, and the 45% FOR WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was TOTALY in shock! It's amazing what a little nutrition can do huh?!

Although he's doing a little better with eating, he is still tube fed one meal a day, and then fed 1/2 of his daily calories during the night. He will eat yogurt now, most fruit baby food, sweet potato baby food, and carrott baby food (all stage 2). He also likes chips and french fries (though I don't like to give him those).

We have our first appointment at John's Hopkins on June 19 to have him begin their feeding program. Their program is 2 months long though, and we don't live near there, so I don't know how we're going to pull that off yet. On the 19th he is just having his initial eval, so we will get the dates for the 2 month stay sometime around then.

(If you'll remember, we were going to do the Children's Hospital feeding program in Richmond, but they ar having lots of problems right now and their program isn't doing too well).

Anyway, I'm THRILLED that my little man is turning into a BIG man! His eating problems (and other problems) are nowhere near gone, but at least he's healthy now!