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I'm a mom to FOUR amazing kids, one of which was adopted from South Korea. Our family is wild and crazy, and REALLY LOUD but lots of fun. Oh, and my new favorite quote is: "HAVING KIDS IS LIKE BEING PECKED TO DEATH BY A DUCK." So so so true.

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I am currently a SAHM, but prior to leaving my job I was a labor and delivery nurse. I really miss work, but I enjoy being home with my kids (most of the time anyway!).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Leave it to me.

So last night I got up to pee at 3am. While leaving the bathroom I walked right into the door frame, broke my toe, and fell to the floor crying.

Off the the ER I went...they know me now. Turns out I "spiral fractured" my 4th toe, and it's so bad that the doctor wants to put pins in it. He said we can wait a week and see how "buddy taping" it goes (where you tape it to a non-broken toe), but if it's not much better in a week, I have to have surgery.

I'm on crutches and I have to wear one of those blue-velcro-shoe-thingies on my foot. Here is my question to ponder:

Have you EVER known someone to break a TOE and need surgery for it???? Ever??? Leave it to me.

Aside from waking to pee a hundred times a night, and walking into walls, my pregnancy is going fine. I"m still getting sick on and off, but things are much better now. I've lost 4 lbs, but that's typical for me. I only gained 18 lbs with Micah and he weighed 8 lbs+. I'm 11 weeks now... this pregnancy is FLYING by to me. Although I've been SUPER sick with nausea I really enjoy being pregnant. I'm sorta sad that this is the last one (though I'm VERY content with the idea of 4 kids!).

I have yet to make an appointment with the breast surgeon to discuss the "mass" seen on the MRI. I think I'll wait until after I'm 12 weeks. I don't really know why, it just feels right to me.

I worry about how Arie will feel once he's older and understands that he is our only adopted child. I have a hard time imagining myself in his shoes... it's just not possible. I don't know. I pray it's not as hard for him as I think it might be. Only time will tell.

I realize this post is all over the place, but I'm on percocet, it's 11pm at night, and I was awake all of last night trying to ignore the throbbing in my foot. I'm off to dreamland now!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

And now for the BIG NEWS!

Now that we've had a chance to tell all of our family, I can share with you all!

The day before Thanksgiving I found out that.... IM PREGNANT! Yes, the picture above is my 8 week ultrasound picture. We were NOT planning on getting pregnant any time soon, but we are excited. It took a couple of weeks for the shock to wear off, but it's gone now, mostly.

I'm due August 1st. I'm 9 weeks now, and I turn 10 weeks on Friday. I have no idea how I'm goin gto handle four kids all so young, but I guess I'll manage.

As for the breast biopsy, it had to be canceled because it's not safe for the baby to do an MRI. I will soon be meeting with a breast surgeon to go over my options, but my doctor thinks that he will just wait until after I deliver to do any further testing. Apparently things "look" benign, but because of my family history, they can't be sure until a biopsy is done.

So that's the scoop! Sorry I've kept you waiting for so long.